A Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

At Dembo Jones, we are committed to fully understanding, appreciating and celebrating the diversity of our clients, our communities and our staff.

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Different experiences and viewpoints are

learning opportunities.

Through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative, as well as our work every day, we are dedicated to:

  • a fair and equitable environment
  • opportunity and access
  • transparency
  • full representation

We firmly believe that different experiences and differing viewpoints are learning opportunities that should be embraced.

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Listening and responding.

Dembo Jones’ Culture and Communications Committee acts as a sounding board for employees to share concerns and provide ideas for creating a more productive work environment. The committee is made up of a broad and diverse group of employees at all levels; it allows for a better understanding of our staff members, how they work together, and how we can create a space that meets their needs. As the demographics of our firm changes, so, too, does the composition of the committee.

The insights and ongoing work of the Committee have led to important changes in our management and our operations. We are committed to building a truly-diverse workforce and management group, and have implemented professional- and personal- development activities that create growth opportunities and access for Directors, Managers and leaders at all levels. After decades of traditional leadership, we welcomed our first female shareholder in 2022. Today, 48% of our Directors and Managers are women, people of color, and first-generation or new Americans.

Responsibility and relationships in our communities.

The Culture and Communications Committee also provides insight about the firm’s role and responsibility in the communities where we – and our clients – live and work.

As part of our commitment to the communities where we live and work, we actively seek relationships with a wide variety of not‐for‐profit clients that provide services to underrepresented populations. When possible, we provide substantial fee reductions to not‐for‐profit organizations so their limited resources can be devoted to impacting their constituents. With the firm’s encouragement, members of our staff sit on the boards of and volunteer with organizations throughout our communities.